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Rights and Responsibilities:

Your Rights Our Responsibilities
As a client of Encircle you have the right to: In providing service to you, we have a responsibility to:
Be treated with respect, dignity and consideration. Honour you as a person, and treat you with courtesy and consideration.
Be safe and feel safe. Provide a safe environment for you when you access our services.
A professional service. Ensure that all our workers are well trained and work in accordance with our mission, vision and values.
Be informed about what services are available. Provide you with accurate information about our services and programs.
Be assessed to receive services without discrimination. Offer the services we are funded to deliver without discrimination.
Choose what service you will receive. Respect the choices you make about services.
Refuse assessment or service. Respect the decisions you make, including your decision not to refuse some services.
Have your philosophy and values respected. Respect your philosophy and values, even when these differ from those of the Centre.
Have a support person present when you access our services. Work cooperatively with you and your support person in the provision of services.
Express your views and ideas, make comment, or complain. Ensure that you are aware of our complaints procedure, and have access to relevant forms and assistance if you want to lodge a complaint or provide feedback on the service you receive.
Confidentiality and respect for your privacy. Follow strict procedures to ensure your confidentiality and privacy, except where these rights may be overridden by legal or safety considerations.
Have access to your own records following established procedure. Provide you with information about how to access your records, and the circumstances in which access may be refused.
Our Rights Your Responsibilities
In providing service to you, we have the right to: As a client of Encircle you have a responsibility to:
Expect you to act in a safe manner when you access our service. Respect the right of our staff to work in an environment that is free from harassment, and the right of  other clients to access our services safely.
Expect you to provide us with the information necessary for us to assist you. Provide all the relevant information to enable staff to provide assistance required.
Expect you to take responsibility for the consequences of any decisions you make. Accept the results of any decisions you make.
Expect your participation and contribution to the service or program you have accessed. Be an active participant in the service or program you are accessing.
Expect you to let us know when you cannot attend a pre-arranged appointment. Keep appointments and tell us beforehand if unable to do so.

Encircle has policies and procedures in place to ensure that your privacy and confidentiality is protected, unless there are serious moral or legal requirements to the contrary. All management committee members, staff, volunteers and students are bound by a Declaration of Confidentiality. At all times Encircle will aim to balance your rights to maintain control over your personal information with its various moral, legal, and professional obligations. Only information that is necessary and directly related to the service being provided by the Encircle will be collected from you. Individuals have a general right of access to their own personal information after their identity is confirmed, and the right to have that information corrected if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

Interpreting Service:
Where it is identified that there may be difficulty communicating with a client in English, staff can arrange to access free telephone interpreting services.

We value your feedback:
Encircle welcomes information, feedback and suggestions from our community which will enable us to improve the quality of our services. General feedback can be given using the Quality Improvement Leaflet available at the centre. Clients have the right to complain about the service they are receiving and can expect complaints to be dealt with fairly, promptly and confidentially. A formal complaint should be put in writing using the Client Complaint Form after speaking with the Encircle Director.

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