Saving Tips

Savings Tips 

Tip: If you are on a low income, find ways to save on living expenses and avoid money traps.

Download our Savings Tips Brochure for some ideas.


Community Supermarkets

Tip: A number of community supermarkets operate in the area and sell food at extremely low cost ($1, $2 or free).

* Sowers:
29 Lamington Road, Mango Hill (Weekdays 9am to 12pm) on 07 3889 1464

* World Harvest:
53 Telegraph Rd, Bald Hills (Weekdays 9am—4pm)


Avoid Payday Loans

Tip: Payday loans attract huge fees and interest rates (48%) and often lead people into a cycle of debt.

If you need advice on getting out of a debt trap with a payday lender contact the Consumer Action Law Centre on 1800 466 477.


Energy Saving

Tip: Energy costs are increasing and some energy companies use estimates instead of actual readings.

If you don’t understand your bill or want to reduce your energy costs, contact the Home Energy Saving Scheme on 1800 007 001


Free Second Hand Goods

Tip: You can get free second hand goods and furniture through Freecycle, a Yahoo group supporting recycling.

You can also buy goods 2nd hand through


Weekend Shopper



Home Assist Secure

Tip: Seniors and those with disabilities can get help with house repairs and home security.

Contact Home Assist Secure on 07 3889 1852 or 07 3889 1849 (after hrs)


Be Money Smart

Get educated about money matters to get on top of your finances. Find unclaimed money, learn how to budget and find out what all that money jargon means.

For more information, contact Money Smart


Low Income Loans & Plans
Tip: Low Interest and No Interest Loans are available for essential household items through community organisations.

Some banks also have matched savings schemes (eg if you save $500, they will match it with another $500).


Pine Rivers N.I.L.S (up to $3000 at 5.99%) on 07 3808 4529 or 07 3716 1206

ANZ Saver Plus (Matched Savings for education up to $500) on 1300 610 355


Debt Counselling
Tip: When your finances are getting out of control and you have increasing debts, get help as early as possible.

These organisations can help:

CAP (Christians Against Poverty) on 1300 227 000

Lifeline Financial First Aid on 1300 370 255

Lifeline Financial Counselling – Chermside on 07 3624 2400

Lifeline Financial Counselling – Caboolture on 07 5428 4200

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