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Chair Person – Richard Haddon

Board Member: Chair: Richard Haddon Richard has been involved with Encircle and its predecessor Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre since 1998. During this time he has served on the Management Committee and Board in the roles of committee member, Vice-president, Secretary and, for the past two years, as Chairperson. He has supported the organisation through his involvement with and attendance at many of its activities and events. Richard has lived in Petrie for over 30 years and has a strong commitment to his community and to the values of Encircle. He is actively involved with the work of the Pine Rivers Care Network and the emergency relief program at his local church. Prior to retirement Richard worked as a special education teacher and as a counsellor in local high schools.

Richard brings a wealth of experience to the Board of Encircle. His long involvement with the organisation provides an historical perspective on the growth and changes that have taken place in the development of Encircle. Richard has previous experience as president, vice-president, secretary, publicity officer and committee member for a number of voluntary community and professional organisations. He has academic qualifications in Community Studies, Education and Counselling which provide a good understanding of the needs of the community and the nature of the work that Encircle undertakes. Richard has good organisational, communication and interpersonal skills and the knowledge and experience to enable him to be an effective Chairperson and Director and to contribute to good governance and strategic planning which are the major functions of the Board of Directors of Encircle Ltd.

Vice Chair Person – Quentin Nosovich

Board Member: Vice Chair: Quentin NosovichI bring to the Board an extensive work experience in the Queensland Public Sector in various roles, and I have also undertaken volunteer roles in a number of community organisations / clubs over the last 40 years.
Since 2008, I have been both a volunteer and member of the management committee of Pine Rivers Neighbourhood association Inc. and a member of the Encircle Ltd. Board of management.
As a member of the Management Committee / Board, I have contributed to the policy development process, particularly in the corporate services area and as a volunteer, I have provided advice to management and staff/volunteers on a range of human resource management and organisational development issues. I have held the role of Secretary and Treasurer on the management committee of Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Association Inc. and I am currently Vice Chairperson on the Encircle Ltd. Board of Management.
In fulfilling those roles, I believe I have always acted in a manner which upholds the values of Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Association Inc. / Encircle Ltd. The issues of Integrity and Accountability are fundamental to everything we do and the decisions made by the Board. Our deliberations on issues require empathy and compassion when dealing with all our stakeholders, and our aim is always to empower our communities by increasing their capacity to take control of their own situations. Our future challenge in a changing funding environment is to seek ways of achieving additional funding to meet the increasing needs of our communities.
If elected to the Encircle Ltd. Board of Management for 2016-2017, I will continue to support its values in Board deliberations and will actively contribute to the good governance of the organisations and to the strategic planning process for the future of Encircle Ltd.

Treasurer – Mike McFillin

Board Member: Treasurer: Mike McFillinAs an Accountant and auditor I bring a wide range of financial and business experience to the board. I focus on working with people to achieve common goals.
I believe I bring a sense of perspective to any given situation.

I wish to be a director of Encircle because for me, it is an effective and meaningful way to give back to the community. My personal values of fair play, honesty and integrity are important parts of any organizational culture. These aspects together with a desire to contribute to the community in a positive way to help others, align my values and goals with that of Encircle.

Secretary – Laurelle Muir

Board Member: Secretary: Laurelle MuirI have been involved with the organisation since 2008 when I became a member of the Management Committee of the Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre. I have continued my involvement at that level as a Director of Enciircle Ltd and have been Secretary of the Board for the past two years. I have also just been asked to Chair the Business Development Committee.

I have lived in Pine Rivers since 1983 and my original involvement with the organisation was motivated by a strong sense of wanting to give something back to the area. In my professional life, I am a social planner. I have worked in local government (including Pine Rivers Shire Council) for thirty years and have managed community development, social planning and community engagement teams. As a Board Member, I am able to apply my knowledge of working with the community sector to support the organisation and decisions made by the Board. I also bring managerial experience, strategic thinking and strong people skills. I have a strong belief in treating people with generosity and compassion. These are values that are at the core of the work that the staff and volunteers of Encircle deliver every day and this is the key reason that I am nominating to continue to volunteer as a Board Member with Encirle.

General Members

Michelle James

Board Member: General: Michelle JamesHi, I’m Michelle and I am a partner with a national social justice law firm, Maurice Blackburn. I now work in Brisbane but used to run the Strathpine office and that is how I became involved with Encircle, in 2012, when I started volunteering as a solicitor at the Community Legal Service. That led to a request that I join what was then the Management Committee, and subsequently the Board. Even during my short time with Encircle I have seen many changes – from the move to the new premises at 865 Gympie Road, Lawnton; a name change and a move to a company structure. It is a credit to our organisation that these changes have been embraced by our staff and volunteers and that our culture has not been negatively impacted.
I have a long history of volunteering with various community organisations and charities both in the UK and in Queensland and I love that I am now able to contribute at a governance level. I bring to the Board a willingness to work hard for the future of the organisation, and some expertise in governance and leadership, together with my legal skills and networks. I am a strong advocate for transparency and diversity in governance and very much hope to serve Encircle for another 12 months.

Kenneth Hunt

Board Member: General: Kenneth HuntI bring a diverse wealth of knowledge, experience and achievements in the workplace spanning some fifty years both in Australia and overseas, including, civil construction, retail management, security, government and Information and Communications Technology. I have been a volunteer for thirty years working with community organisations to develop positive outcomes through communication, negotiation and leadership always ensuring respect for diversity of opinion.

I first joined the Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre in 2007 as a volunteer IT support officer and was invited to join the Management Committee in 2012. I have played a role in the development of the centre over the past nine years and have been a crucial part of the decision making process which has seen some major changes within the organisation, including becoming a Company Limited by Guarantee. I enjoy the challenge and remain committed to the future success of Encircle. Since joining the organisation in 2007 I have gained an understanding of the community sector and understand that the values of this organisation are those I have fostered for all of my life and believe this is where I can do the most good.

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