Encircle Community Garden

Welcome to the Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre Community Garden

(established June 14 2013)

The Encircle is both a relaxing space for visitors and staff at the centre, as well as a fantastic source of organic produce for our Riverstop cafe.

The garden is staffed with hardworking volunteers that are responsible for keeping all the plants in prime picking condition and planting new seeds as the growing seasons change.

Together the community garden and Riverstop cafe provide visitors with fresh food to eat in a calm environment. For the garden volunteers, it offers a relaxing environment to work and an opportunity to get their hands dirty with the purpose of producing fresh food for everyone who visits the centre.

On a sunny but cool Friday afternoon, 14 June 2013, the Encircle Community Garden at our new premises was created.

With sincere thanks to the 65 students and 15 adults/teachers of Genesis Christian College, the PRNC Community Garden came to life.

It took only 90 minutes for the bare ground behind the new Encircle facilities to be transformed into a viable vegetable farm.

In keeping with the European history of the grounds, the Encircle Community Garden will be just as much about food education as it will be about supplying fresh food to the Encircle Community Cafe.

Over the course of the afternoon the students and teachers built the garden beds, planted trees, seedlings, laid mulch around the gardens and created a pathway between the main entrance of Encircle and the Community Cafe, which the Community Vegetable Garden will supply much of the food required to run the cafe.

The Genesis Christian College is all about being M.A.D. – Making A Difference to the community they belong to.

As you will see by some of the photos lower down the page, they are all M.A.D.

Some of the goals of the garden and the Community Cafe.
  • Build social networks & community resilience
  • Improve people’s knowledge about food preparation and encourage healthy eating
  • Improve people’s knowledge of food production and agriculture in urban areas
  • Help provide nutritious food to disadvantaged groups
  • We want to encourage and build knowledge in the community of “garden to plate” process
  • Encourage volunteering in our community from younger and older citizens
  • Encourage partnership between community groups
How can you and your family can get involved?
  • Donate seedlings
  • Donate time
  • Visit our cafe

Volunteer Gardener, Sue Thompson will not only use her wealth of experience to manage the Community Garden, she will supply this web-site with educational and helpful tips for everyone to grow their own fresh foods.

It doesn’t matter if you live with a tiny yard or even a unit balcony, Sue will offer you solutions and advice so you can successfully grow your own fresh produce.  Encircle will also keep you posted on Facebook so make certain you ‘Like‘ Encircle so as to not miss out on these tips, and other events happening in your community.

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