Adds UP Saving Plan

You can open up an AddsUP savings account after you have paid off your first NILS Loan. This savings plan is a great way to start getting into the habit of saving money. If you save $500 over 6 to 12 months, the National Australia Bank will reward you with another $500 as a once off bonus. Keep saving and watch your bank account grow!

Q: How do I get started?

A: Please visit Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre to begin the process of applying for the AddsUP Savings Plan. Our AddsUp volunteer will take you through the details of the program and assist you to complete the AddsUP application form.


Q: How do I activate my AddsUP Savings Account?

A: Once you have completed the AddsUP form you will receive a letter of confirmation in the mail. Please take this letter, with all the required documentation (as listed in the letter) to your local NAB branch.


Q: How can I make payments in to my AddsUP Account?

A: There are three different options for a customer to make savings on their account:

1. The customer can ask whichever financial institution they have their regular savings account with to set up regular automatic drawings in to their savings account.
2. The customer can make transfers via internet banking.
3. The customer can ask the NAB branch staff to organise a deposit book for them when they are down at the branch.


Q: How much do I need to contribute to my account to reach the $500?

A: This all depends on the customer’s financial situation and time-frame goal. As a general rule, deposits of $20 per fortnight will result in $520 over 12 months. The customer may choose to deposit larger amounts to reach the savings goal of $500 in a shorter period of time. The customer must ensure that they do not deposit monies exceeding $100 at any one time.


Q: How do I get my matching and can I get it early?

A: As per the AddsUP Savings Plan ‘Terms and Conditions’, all customers must save for a minimum period of 6 months before they are eligible for matching and the customer will not be matched earlier than the minimum savings period of 6 months. Your account will automatically be matched when you have successfully saved the $500 within the agreed terms. Once your account has been matched you will receive a letter of confirmation in the mail.


Q: Can I withdraw money from my account early and are there any fees?

A: There are no fees for withdrawing saved funds however the customer must not exceed three withdrawals over the period of the program or they will be ineligible for the matching.


Q: How will I know when my account has been matched?

A: Your account will automatically be matched when you have successfully saved the $500 within the agreed terms. Once your account has been matched a letter of confirmation will be sent out to you.


Q: What can I use the money for?

A: Once you have completed the program and your account has been matched, you are free to use the money as you please.


Q: Can I continue to save in this account, after I’ve been matched?

A: Customers are welcome to keep their account open, fee-free, and continue saving in to the account. However, the AddsUP Matching is a once off offer and there is no further bonus matching after the initial $500.


Q: Can I have my deposit directed through Centrepay?

A: No, Centrepay is not available on this product type.


Q: Who should I call if I have any further queries?

A: Customers should go back to Encircle for program-related queries and/or their local NAB branch for account-related queries. If these channels are unsuccessful at answering your queries please call the AddsUP team on 1800 559 772.


Q: Why can’t I open my AddsUP account at the branch?

A: As the AddsUP program is only available to those who have successfully paid off their NILS or StepUP loan, it does not sit with National Australia Bank’s mainstream products. Therefore, the AddsUP account must be opened by the AddsUP team at head office.

If you wish to find out more, contact our AddsUp volunteer on Mondays at PRNC by calling 3889 0063 or at

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